Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Screaming Skater Dude

“Ahhhhhhhhh” screamed the skater dude when his board snapped him in the leg. I was with Donovan and Sherb. We were at the water front skate park in Burlington, Vt. It was a warm sunny afternoon hanging out at a skate park. There were 4 to 5 different skaters there. The tricks were cool.

The skater dude shrieked in pain as his board hit his leg when he was trying to grind. The board slapped his leg really hard. After the board hit him he grabbed his board and kept on skating. He looked like he persevered because he never gave up he kept on trying to grind.

The skater dude’s tricks were amazing. He could do a manual on a grind box. He could do kick flips and land it. He could do a 180 turn and land it. He couldn’t do a backside 180. He could do all kinds of tricks.

In conclusion, the skater dude shrieked in pain but he never gave up and didn’t stop trying to grind. He made me feel like I shouldn’t give up on stuff. It was cool and entertaining to watch him do all the tricks he could. That field trip was a fun one.

By: Garrett Duquette 🙂

Shader Croft So Far…

So far, this wonderful summer at the Shader Croft School – wait a second, Shader Croft Adventure Camp-  we have gone on an exciting camping trip to Grand Isle State Park and walked to Rocky’s NY Pizza for creamees.  We have a little saying in the camp that goes, “We play hard and we work hard.”  The camp is accompanied by Sam, Sherb, Deb, Steve, and Deidre.  Each of these wonderful people teach a class.  We are learning about public speaking from Sam, Deidre teaches reading, Sherb teaches trip planning and Deb is teaching writing.  Steve is the one who created and runs this camp; so we don’t want to leave him out of the whole thing.

By: Chaz Maclay

The lake

On Friday, July 8th, we went to Lake Iroquois.   We made an obstacle course where we ran from a table to another table to a sign, and then hit all the tables again.   Some people went in the water and swam.  Another group of students went to North Beach and they had fun swimming there too.

By: Donovan Lamothe

The “Fun-tertaining” Camping Trip

We took a field trip to Grand Isle State Park  as a group, and as soon as we got there we went swimming.  After swimming we played nukem, a type of volleyball game.  At night, Chaz, Griffin, and I slept in a lean-to while Sam slept in a tent. There was a thunder storm.  It was exhilarating to dive into the ice cold water.  It chilled me instantly.  It gave me goose bumps all over my body sending a shock wave up and down my spine giving me a brain freeze. Off in the distance us boys saw the girls playing on a log. So we raided them like pirates and got the prize.

By: Brennen Whitcomb