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Shader Croft School Staff

avatar"When I toured this program I was very impressed with the caliber of tutors and curriculum he was using to help students succeed."

- Jeanne Collins, Burlington Superintendent
avatar"I got to plan the trip the way I wanted it because I knew what I wanted to learn and how I wanted to learn it while keeping it fun and interesting"- Katie Jaro
avatar"Our daughter at the beginning of the summer was very shy with low self esteem, and she stood in front of the crowd and had become a leader."- Donna Jaro
avatar"The program helped me get comfortable talking to new people."- Dusty
avatar"My son returned to school in the fall not only with improved writing and reading skills but a greater confidence in himself because of his experience at Shader Croft."- Liz Shook
avatar"I think my son would have been one of the children lost in the system if he hadn’t gotten the chance to prove he could do it at Shader Croft."- Pam Deyette
avatar"My son advanced on multiple fronts, which I truly believe was the springboard for continued progress and success to this day."- Rick Heh
avatar"I have learned that if you are successful in school, you will have more friends. Shader Croft helped me understand that I could contribute and that attracts friends."-Student
avatar"I really did enjoy hanging out with the staff."-Student
avatar"I am a lot more focused on getting good grades and having a positive attitude. I have a lot more respect for teachers and am more comfortable when talking with them."-Student