In Their Own Words

What parents and educators say about the Shader Croft 2016 Literacy Program

Literacy & Youth Development Skill Comments from Parents Comments from Educators
Vocabulary “Gxxx takes more chances with his vocabulary, and often uses the words correctly. “

“”I see new words popping into conversations.”

“She seemed to enjoy working with the words she did at Shader Croft.”

“Not a verbal student last year – this year having full conversations, will communicate with teachers.”
Reading “Axxx struggled with reading and after Shader Croft she has a love for reading that I have never seen before. And it’s because she can better understand the material she is reading.”

“Reading a lot more now. Is a lot more comfortable reading.”

“She has opened up and is telling me more about what she has read.”

“She has become more engaged with her reading, seeking new books to read and to discuss with friends.”

“Progress – started last year not really reading – growth is continuing, seems to be more confident – now thinks of herself as a reader.”

“Bxxx has improved his ability to summarize and include important details from articles that we are reading in his Social Studies class.”

“Since his interest in vocabulary has improved, so have his reading comprehension skills.”

“Axxx gained two levels at the beginning of the school year in the Lexia reading program. This is an increase from where he ended the program in June. Not only did he avoid the summer slide, he was able to increase his decoding, fluency and comprehension skills.”

Writing “More positive about writing. He tends to the creative side of writing. Shader Croft helped him focus on facts and expository writing which was good for him.”

“She has been journaling more since the summer and finds joy in putting her thoughts on paper. Her confidence as grown, as well.”

“Gxxx has been writing down instructions for himself when he is making projects.”

“Nxxx has shown more willingness to write in Language Arts class. He has been more independent vs. relying on adults since last year.”

“Dxxx has developed much more ownership and “can do” sense of his writing skills. This is probably his greatest gain since last year.”

“I have noticed an increase in enthusiasm when it comes to writing. Instead of protesting like he did over the summer, he gets right to work and tries his best to complete the writing assignments.”

“I have seen great improvement in Axxx’s writing since the end of June. He writes with more confidence and his overall sentence structure and syntax has improved.”

Ability to Speak in a Group “A bit clearer questions and ability to have a lengthier conversation.”

“He has learned how and when to ask questions.”

“Oral Expression is a hard area for him, but I’ve noticed some small steps of him speaking to others.”

“He is speaking with much more confidence. He is clear in conveying his thoughts and it’s easy to follow his thinking when he is talking.”

“Articulating his needs more clearly.”

“Since his sense of himself as a student has grown, so has his ability to ask relevant questions about the work he is doing.”

“He s a quiet, shy guy. I have seen his confidence grow. He is taking more risks in the classroom-participating in group discussions and volunteering to answer questions.”

“Nxxx is still very curt with adults, however, he is more vocal with expressing his dislike of something vs. shutting down instead.”

What parents and educators say about the Shader Croft 2015 Literacy Program

Literacy & Youth Development Skill Comments from Parents Comments from Educators
Vocabulary “From what I’ve seen, he has made progress and it shows in his writing.”

“He used the word “reflection” with family after a family walk. He asked others to “reflect” on the walk and asked questions of the group such as what did you see? What did you notice? What do you wish you had seen?”

“I don’t see her daily as we are a two household family, but I have noticed an increase in her word choice and knowledge since the summer.”

“She did not hesitate to complete her vocabulary assignments this fall!”

“Txxx’s vocabulary continues to improve in both written word and oral communication.”

“Ixxx has begun referring back to the text when looking for context with new vocabulary. She is much more confident in using new words in writing and in conversation.”

Reading “Does most of his reading on the bus, but is doing his school work on his own, and doesn’t need a lot of help. This is a change from last year.”

“She actually is enjoying reading more and choosing books now on her own. She has a Kindle, which she didn’t really use before Shader Croft, and now she is using the Kindle, of her own choosing, a lot more.”

“He reads aloud to his younger siblings and I can hear the improvement since the summer.”

“His reading fluency and comprehension have greatly improved since the beginning of the summer. He demonstrates his understanding in multiple ways.”

“Is more aware of vowel sounds and therefore can read faster with more accuracy.”

“Dxxx’s score on a reading test improved from 671 to 691 (Lexiles)”

“She moved from 6.0 comprehension level to 6.7!”

Writing “She has always struggled with structure but Shader Croft has really helped her organize and understand the process of writing.”

“He recently put together a full paragraph on a subject of interest. It took a bit more prompting, but it lit the teacher on fire.”

“Her handwriting is better, and spelling is substantially better. Lots of improvement.”

“Her weekly written reflections are more in depth! Her Friday e-mails are also more detailed. Her weekly written reflections are more in depth! She has been writing a bit more in her reflections and is writing in complete sentences.”

“He seems to have a better sense of paragraph structure and he is willing to write!”

“Still a struggle, but no regression – showing perseverance.”

Ability to Speak in a Group “His ability to communicate well and confidently has really increased.”

She is much better at talking to people and asking questions and telling others her point of view.”

“His teacher made a special comment on this positive change.”

“Axxx has shown a huge improvement in this area. He is often the first student to volunteer to answer a question, read out loud or share his work.”

“She is sharing her thinking in mathematics class and acknowledges that she wants to share even more in her other classes. She is gaining confidence in her ability to share an idea.”

Self-Awareness “Attending Shader Croft was a HUGE positive step and made all the difference as he flourished with this group of teachers and students.”

“She has a lot of self- doubt and is quiet, but Shader Croft definitely helped her in understanding who she is and what she wants. She is definitely heading in the right direction.”

“Axxx seems more confident. Starting high school is a big adjustment. He asks for help when he needs it and feels pride when he has done a good job.”

“He has great advocacy skills and is always ensuring he knows what his work load is. He is a happy student and I am supremely impressed by his work ethic.”

Work Completion and Performance “Given the recent feedback from teachers, and combined with his increased confidence and communication skills, his work performance has improved a good deal.”

“He has taken the initiative to get some homework done on his own this year. A big surprise!”

“Doing work on her own now…. and getting it done. In the past, she would say she didn’t have work but she really did. She is light years ahead of past year.”

“She is absolutely completing more assignments and they are coming in in a more timely fashion!!!”

“She is able to do more independent work, and even push back on peers that are trying to distract her.”

“Cxxx is much more confident in his abilities to write email to faculty. He is currently working on his 8th Grade Challenge and has been a real go getter in terms of planning and contacting adults within school to work on this project.”

Attitude Towards School He is doing less complaining about school this year.”

“Between Shader Croft and dance, she has now enjoyed school more than ever. She is more motivated to go on the end of year trip. To achieve this goal she knows what she has to do and does it on her own. She is using her planner and she didn’t before.”

“Dxxx is a student who claims not to enjoy school, but he was excited about and attended Shader Croft willingly and happily. The enriching experiences were exactly what he needed during the summer months. Thank you!”

“He has not missed a day of school yet. He seems to be enjoying the connections he has made with peers and adults.”

“No attitude change needed (!) but has been taking on more challenging assignments.”

Relationship with Peers “His resilience is a bit stronger this year to deal with the peer issues. He did really enjoy and thrive on the positive peer relationships developed with kids in the summer program.”

“Hearing lots of more names of kids, talking about more friends, more social in school and engaging with more kids.”

“He actually wants to go to school events. He went on his own and not part of a group or didn’t have a peer set up to meet there. He is doing better talking with peers in a group.”

“She is standing up for herself and letting them know her needs more than last year.”

“He seems to be participating in group activities more.”

“Sxxx has gone out of his way to mentor a new student in his T.A. He seems to crave adult attention less and is more appropriate with peers.”