School Year Tutoring Program


We offer professional tutoring services in literacy and math to students in grades 5 through 10
Our deep understanding of how children learn, at all ages, enables us to help children gain a deep understanding of math and literacy concepts from which real skill and competence can blossom.

The State of Vermont has identified our services as “approved”
Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

This means that students entitled to SES services from their school can use Title 1 monies from their school to pay for our services.

We work closely with you and your child’s school to identify learning needs and to develop a learning plan based on those needs. We carefully assess specific areas of confusion, misunderstanding or deficiencies and work to correct them. Our tutors work in partnership with the student and you to support growth and learning, to inspire and challenge students to discover and achieve their full potential and to celebrate their accomplishments and achievements!

  • Literacy instruction includes: reading fluency, reading comprehension, word decoding, vocabulary development, writing, spelling and language development.
  • Math instruction includes: whole number operations, number sense, decimals, fractions, percentages, integers, pre-algebra, geometry, algebraic thinking, functions, algebra 1, problem solving and more.


For more information, contact us at or 802-598-3864