The Shader Croft School

Turning Student Selected Real World Adventures into Stronger Reading, Writing, and Communication Skills.

A Game Changing Summer

Summer and Learning - a Great Combo

Summer, a Time to Explore, Discover and Learn

Five weeks of summer adventures based on interests, talents, and dreams of students!

 Middle school students are the center of the experience that combines summer camp-type activities with small group learning sessions on reading, writing and other communication skills.

Daily, adult supervised, excursions into the community to explore, meet new people and learn and try out new skills!


What’s New? We’re Hiring!

We are looking for interested educators and youth- oriented adults to support and guide students in our five-week summer programs.

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Support and Congratulate

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You have waited a long time for summer vacation to arrive; don’t waste it sitting around watching TV, playing video games …. There is an exciting world right out your front door waiting for you to explore it. Let Shader Croft show you how.


Summer is not always the dream vacation for kids that you and they hoped it would be. For many kids it is the exact opposite of what they need and want. Too often it is idleness, which in some cases can lead to trouble as kids seek excitement.


Summer experiences, or lack of, is a major contributor to the Achievement Gap. It accounts for 2/3rds of the Achievement Gap. The other 1/3rd is due to the difference in achievement levels when children start kindergarten.

About Us

Shader Croft School was founded as an educational non-profit in 2001 with a mission to help middle school students improve their literacy skills through innovative summer programming. Our program is highly engaging and effective for young adolescents.


We are grateful to our many partners investing in today’s youth to foster their education and development so that they may grow to become responsible young adults and literate contributing members of their community. Thanks to the Champlain Valley and Winooski School Districts, many charitable foundations and trusts, local organizations, as well as individuals-all who have supported our students to gain literacy competence and to forge a new attitude toward learning.