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My mystery is to figure out the scientific discovery of electricity. If you were to look around yourself and imagine the Earth without electricity, ask yourself what it would be like. Everyone has a different relationship with electricity, like my sister who wastes...

Museum of Fine Arts

Keith F. Gallagher I like art because it is fun to do. It is creative, quiet and I can do it by myself. I feel happy doing it. It gets my mind off of things. I like to draw aliens, cartoon figures as well as design names. The Pink Panthers, a group of students from...

Student’s Writing

This is the part of our website where students get to post their own writings. Your comments and encouragement are welcome. Shadercroft School Staff

The Night Camping

Ben Paskiet The day becomes more exciting as the sun goes down and the moon rises. The first activity I did not participate in because I was resting; I just wanted to sleep because I was tired from the car ride. When the first activity was over I heard banging on the...