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Keith F. Gallagher

I like art because it is fun to do. It is creative, quiet and I can do it by myself. I feel happy doing it. It gets my mind off of things. I like to draw aliens, cartoon figures as well as design names. The Pink Panthers, a group of students from Shader Croft School, went to the Fine Arts Museum in Montreal, Canada.
Some of the art work in the museum included a clay bowl which had everyday objects such as glasses, a shirt, a corn cob pipe and a walking stick painted on it. Another art piece I saw which was special to me was a two-foot high doll that was fat in the hips but skinny in the upper abdomen. It looked like a person walking. I also saw a sculpture made out of beads which had a big colorful bird sitting on top of an animal. The bird was big enough to carry the small animal but it was riding the small animal instead.  Then I saw a splattered painting which was big enough to use two boards each the size of ten feet by ten feet. The paint was everywhere on the boards with lot of colors. The painting was contemporary art!  The picture was anything you saw in it.
Art is a very creative way to express feelings and the museum displays art from all over the world. I would like to try to put art in a museum someday. Would you?