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Day 1: Mt. Philo Hike

Rockgame mt. philoGroup Mt. Philo  Lisa  aneice IMAGE_510 IMAGE_513 IMAGE_518

We kicked off the year by hiking to Mt. Philo after our classes on Day 1! Everyone persevered despite the heat, and we even played games at the top! Here are some of our reflections about the experience…

“We played partner tag and people kept falling because the tagger couldn’t get them and it was funny.” -Z-Dog, Ducky

“When we were hiking we had to take a lot of breaks because it was a steep mountain and hard to climb up.”  -Kaytlyn

“I remember looking out on the view when we got to the top.   It was far down and really beautiful looking out and seeing all the different patches where there was water and grass.”     -Ella-bella

“I remember seeing a sanded down stump with cut cross-hatches.  It was created to help people not slip on the trail.” -Dave

“The houses when I looked down looked like monopoly pieces.” -Aneice

“When we were coming back down the hill it was really hard to walk down the road because it was steep.” -Nikki

“I was really impressed with how people were really helping each other out and being kind with lots of patience, helpfulness.  It was great getting to know a group of you, especially how Aneice and Lisa were so good to each other: kind, helpful and encouraging.” -Dave

“I remember that really great feeling when every single one of you made you to the top of the hill all on their own.” -Peter

“I loved how much fun we had playing games.  Everyone was laughing and smiling and it felt really good to run around on a nice day.” -Josie