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Day 6: Shader Croft Nutrition Day

Yesterday we learned about nutrition. We had a great discussion about healthy food choices, then we split into two groups and went shopping for nutritious snacks! One group went to Trader Joe’s and the other headed to Healthy Living. It was a wonderful hands-on experience for students and they really enjoyed the trip.

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Here are some of our reflections about the experience…

“At Healthy Living some of the items were a lot more expensive than we thought.  There was a water bottle that was as much money as our budget.”  -Nathan

“I noticed that we all really do like different things, so we wanted to find the cheapest food, but also food that people would like.  For example, Emilie said she really liked tomatoes, so we got cherry tomatoes even though they were a little more expensive.” -David

“Peter, Emilie and I were looking for the trail mix forever. We passed it probably seven times because Healthy Living is like a maze.” -Zane

“When we were at Trader Joe’s we got samples of key lime pie and pomegranate juice.” -Nikki

“I was really impressed with my group and how well they did at keeping track of how much we spent and how quickly they became aware of unit pricing.”  -Peter

“We were $0.46 off of our budget when we got to the checkout.”  -Kaytlyn

“I’m always in a mad dash when I go to the store.  I fly in and grab something, and then fly out.  But it was different yesterday because our job was to go in and think about it.  I really enjoyed taking time to think about what we were going to buy, what students would like and what would be healthy.  It was good to take it more slowly, and I hope I take my eating more slowly too.” -David

“We looked at three kinds of cheese.  First there were cheese sticks, separate in packets.  It was more expensive than the block cheese.” -Zane

“On the car ride to the store I enjoyed it because I was in the front seat.  When I’m there the sound turns up and when I snap my fingers the station changes.  I had the power.”  -Zach


Gavin and Zane examining our healthful food haul