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Day-1: Shader Croft School At Shelburne STEM Academy 2014



Welcome to SCS Math academy!  I am glad that we have so many students joining us.  This course is Shader Croft Schools first mathematics based program.  We have many fun activities planned.  First, let me introduce our instructors.  Our director Steve Hyde has been gracious enough to join us; not only is he a guidance counselor, but he was a math teacher at Burlington High School as well.  Michael Willis is one of our teachers, and this is his first year with Shader Croft; he has been a math teacher at Williston Central School for over ten years.  Michael is definitely our guru at teaching fractions.  Finally, let me introduce myself, my name is Phillip Peterson and I have been with SCS for the past three years.  I have a background in engineering, specifically civil and structural.  Currently, I teach Design & Technology at Camels Hump Middle School.  What a great team!





Those of you who know me, already know that I am a total tech geek.  If I can use technology to make class more fun, more engaging, and more relevant, I will.  With this in mind, I am teaching computer programming.  Specifically, we are learning Python Computer Language on “Code Academy”.  So far the students have taken to coding like a fish to the water!


DSCF4534 DSCF4535



With Mr. Willis, students are exploring concepts and ideas around fractions and number sense.  They even made a “how to” video on fractions.  Totally rad!  A true partnership between the students and Mr. Willis is already apparent; trust is key, and the positive relationship building and learning was on display for sure on our first day.






We will focus on STEM (Science Technology & Math) projects for our third academic period.  This week the students learned about structural analysis, and they all built geodesic domes.  It was quite an amazing site as the kids all worked together.  The room filled with the “oohs” and “aahs” of the future engineers admiring their fantastic work.  A giant thank you to Mr. Hyde for his instruction, guidance, and doughnuts.  He brought in a treat as we all worked!










We had the opportunity to visit DeWolfe Engineering in Montpelier, Vermont.  Students were engaged in structural lessons learning how humans design buildings and bridges.  While at the office, we got to check out an actual set of blueprints!  We were taken on a guided tour of the office where we had the opportunity to ask questions and relate it back to our Geodesic Dome project.  Special thanks to Chris Temple and Karyn Allen, you people really know your stuff!


P1210019 DSCF4561



We are very fortunate to have this new program.  The most important part of the program is the students; they are so fabulous, they deserve a celebration.  If it were not for the kids, this new program would not be possible.  It’s summer – the time to celebrate the Shader Croft School!