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Burlington Airport

“We went to the airport and met up with the Williston Shader Croft group.  When we got there were got visitors badges and sunglasses.” -Kirsten

“We got to go to one of the old plane towers and got to watch the planes land and take off.” -Aneice

“When Ella was at the airport she kept on tripping.” -Emilie

“It felt like we were in a real life horror movie when we were in the corridor to get to the plane because they kept making it go up and down and move.” -Kaytlyn

“I remember that Patrick the director of operations at the airport talked about his being a pilot himself.  He talked about how four times is engine died in his plane and he had to land his plane without an engine.  I don’t know how he can be so courageous to do that.  That was amazing to me.” -David

“When we went through security Kara had a smoothie, and we were stopped and checked and they said that she could not have it with her.  They gave her a few choices.  In the end she threw out her smoothie.” -Kara

“We went on the runway!” -Emilie

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