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Day 12: Seine Net Fishing in Shelburne Bay


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“We went to Shelburne Bay.  We met Peter and Ellen, scientists and they showed us siene net fishing.  (If you read the news Ellen had a three page interview in the paper the over the weekend)” – Zach and Peter

We caught fish: perch, sunfish, yellow perch, pumkinseed and a small mouth bass and then a shiny fish, I forgot what it was called.”-Zane

“You have to have a special license to do this kind of fishing and you can’t eat the fish.  It is for scientists.  The scientists want to study the fish and by the fish they catch, try to discover new species in the environment.”  -Gavin

“We also found a dead fish.  There were probably a lot of dead fish because fish get caught in the net.”  -Kirsten

“When we let all the fish go there was a stream of seagulls everywhere.  The perch had spikes on its back to defend itself and I got poked.  Ellen told us that perch change colors according to their mood, which is cool.  After we caught the fish we put them in buckets and observed them before we let them go.” -Zane