The Shader Croft School

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Day 13: Bear Habitat

“We met Bradley Carleton and went on a hike to look at bear habitat.” -Aneice

“I learned bears can eat for 24 hours.” -Ela

“I learned that they eat nuts, berries and fish.” -Lisa
“When we were headed to the school we saw Katie and Jess at Charlotte Central School.  I remembered them from Shader Croft two years ago.” -Nicole
“We were right near the bear’s home, we could have gone near the cave.  It was down the mountain.”  -Aneice
“We learned that bears leave scat.  It is bear poop!”
“We saw the wallow…  it was a big mud pile that bears roll around in.”  -Aneice
“We found shredded trees that are a sign of bears.” -Aneice
“I was very curious.  I wanted to learn about bears because they are supposed to be so mean and I wanted to prove that they were not that bad.  I learned that bears are very scared of you and if you make yourself look big they will run away. However, with grizzly bears you don’t want to act like you’re big, you want to act dead.” -Aneice
“If you ever come across a bear- if you run off, it is a big mistake.” -Lisa

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