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It’s very hard to believe today marks the beginning of our second week. One week done!  It feels like we started 20 minutes ago.  Friendships are growing every day. Teachers are getting used to their students every hour. And everyone is getting more comfortable in the program.  It’s amazing to see new students fully immersed in Shader Croft culture.  If you were hovering above Winooski Middle School, you’d see all kinds of action and fun.




The students worked on Ernest Hemingway style six word stories.  Here are samples of their work.




Teacher Student

teacher student, working together, having fun

~  Ashbin



Friends working together. Smell the dumplings

~  Susmita


Meeting a friend

through window, see someone, start chatting

~  Essa

About fish

I see something different about fish

~  Kauther


Ice Cream

sweet ice cream and happy friends

~  Indra


new car smells like an orange

~  Siddartha


Ohio Hide & Seek

Where are you? There you are!

~  Kunsang

Teddy Bear

Brown fur.  Big machines.  Happy Children.

~  Tulsa


Make Food

I like making food. Made Falafel!

~  Hasaan

Learn to Swim

Cool pool. Hot sun. Good time!

~  Andy


Missing one day. Not in picture.

~  Tabarik



There are eyes everywhere we go

~  Azeeza

IMG_20150706_141846346 IMG_20150706_143137571


Recreational trips galore was the name of the game today!  Half of the group went on a hike to Indian Brook in Essex, while the other half had a swimming day at the YMCA Myers Municipal Pool in Winooski.  It’s no wonder Shader Crofters’ are sooo tired at the end of the day.

Now, here is my six word story for tomorrows adventures.

Day-6 at SCS

Academic aspirations. Airport adventure. Artistic action!

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