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100 mph

While our program runs at 100 mph, we sure are glad we can take a breath to show you what’s going on at SCS!  Sure, people on the internet at home have the opportunity to see pictures of the students with friends or participating in activities, but you can’t get a real taste of Shader Croft that way.  This blog (although great!) doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact – it barely tells anything.




What’s going on? We have children learning independence and students growing each and every day. Growing at activity areas, growing in the morning academics, growing on our daily adventures, and most importantly, growing into solid and stellar people.





The start of week-3 was a little slow, especially this morning. Nevertheless it was still a great day. Our afternoon of recreation was amazing.  We played a lengthy game of “Nuke-Em!” and that was out-of-sight.  Swimming was awesome.  We even got to meet one of Mr. Peterson’s dogs, WOOF WOOF.  But mostly, just being with each other in an unplugged community is the best part of every day.





The students had the opportunity to produce a podcast.  The following is part-1 in a series of student produced podcasts.  Prepare to be amazed!

Listen here!


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