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This week we had a special guest at WCS, Dr. Steve Taubman. He wears several hats: magician, chiropractor, hypnotist, author and speaker.

Steve told us that he thinks magic and hypnosis work well together. People get very distracted by all sorts of things, and magic helps them relax and forget about all their problems. When they’re relaxed, then he can take them to a hypnotic state. He said that for hypnosis, you have to be in a comfortable, relaxed state and be focused on one thing.

Steve also showed us some tricks and then shared a big secret to success as a magician. He said that when watching tricks people focus on one thing, but the magic secret is the other thing they’re not focusing on.

Kyrell thought Steve was pretty cool because he kept tricking them with magic. They tried to figure out his secrets but they couldn’t until he explained them. Kyrell especially liked the card trick.

Steve also talked about helping people with goals and obstacles. He uses hypnosis to do that. It was interesting to see how all of his talents and interests fit together!