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IMG_1789[1]This week we visited the Camp Ethan Allen Training Site because Ben is interested in robots. His dad Les Urban showed us a robot, the parts of an IED, Army vehicles and VBS3, a battlefield simulation program. We learned that an IED needs a trigger, main charge, power source and container. We were surprised to find out that you can make an IED for about $7 that can destroy something worth a million dollars.

The students enjoyed VBS3 because they got to drive tanks and Humvees and it seemed realistic. It felt like Call of Duty, one of their favorite video games. They also loved going inside the Army vehicles. Some of the students felt like giants inside the huge vehicle, and some said it made them realize how small they were. Casey and Damon especially liked sitting in the gunner seat.

Les showed us a trailer with a tent that can unfold to become larger than a large parking spot. We also saw other expensive equipment like devices that can detect IED’s.

We enjoyed meeting Les and Billy, who have both served multiple tours in Afghanistan. Les emphasized that their focus was safety, not destruction. They are very committed to keeping their men as well as civilians safe. We thank them for their service for us and our country, as well as for hosting us on our fabulous trip!


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