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Larson and I got to go for a hike as a trip on the 8th of July. We got to hike up Ethan Allen park and Ethan Allen tower. When we were done we went to Shelburne Bay and went geocaching.


This is Larson and I on top of the Ethan Allen Park on top of the tower. It was a very nice view. You can see Lake Champlain, one of the Hannafords, some houses, and lots and LOTS of trees.



This is Larson and I finding a geocache at Shelburne bay. Geocaching is when you use your phone to track something that other people hide in the most weird and strange places and sometimes even in things! They could be anything! Phil, one of the teachers, found this pinecone next this BIG tree.

On the way back we got slushies. Larson got a mix of banana, cherry, cotton candy, and others that I don’t remember. I only got the cotton candy flavor. It was very, VERY cold and big. It took me the whole time to finish it. :):):):):)

This trip was fun because we got to do more than hike. We got to go geocaching and get SLUSHIES!!!:):):):)