The Shader Croft School

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On July 2 2018 our group went bird banding at north branch nature center in Montpelier. Bird banding is where they catch a bird in a net and put a band around it’s leg to keep track of the bird or to see how many birds in the population are left of that kind. We learned bird names and we learned new facts about birds like if a baby bird falls out of its nest you can pick it up and the mother bird will not smell you, because birds can’t smell. After we went bird banding we ate lunch and we went swimming in Moretown after the rocks were hot and the water was nice. There was a big rock you could jump off of. We picked up rocks. There also was not a lot of people there. The place was fun to swim at. Also  bird banding was fun. The bird banding was fun because some people got to hold the birds and we learned new things about birds. Also what was fun at the swimming place it was fun to collect rocks and some people found crayfish