Monthly Archives: July 2018

Fairy House Building Trip- By Presley


On Thursday the 12th our group went to Kathleen Grants house and we made fairy houses. We painted these tiny wood houses. First we painted the houses then we got are wooden log and and put moss and put decorations. Kathleen grant was so kind and gave us many snacks. We decorated these wood cut logs  we put moss and flowers on them and a lot more. After we were done we put our fairy houses in her garden and they look so nice. Then we went in her basement and we saw all of her artwork and her two cats. Her art was so colorful and bright and they were unique. Over all it was really fun and calming and the little wood houses were fun to paint.  


National Guard Museum by Carissa

On July 6th shader croft went to the National Guard Museum. It was the best place to go because Tom one of the tour guides served with my papa Don Stearns. That was very cool because my papa was Tom’s best friend & they served together & they fought together. Also seeing the army uniforms was very cool.



My Adventure by Kaylyn

South Burlington Fire Fighting adventure:

The firefighting adventure was I think the best! It was the best because we got to spray the hose, put on the gear, and use a mask. Another reason why it was the best was because we got to hear the medic alarm go off. We also got to see what they store/pack for when they go on a call, and we also got to sit in the ambulance/fire truck and see what they store in there as well. Marie was a great teacher to us and was good at not missing anything to tell us or teach us. I learned a lot about firefighting and it made me want to become more of a firefighter when I am older.




Swimming at Maple Street Pool- by Preston

Swimming at maple street pool

June 25th 2018

On June 25th the first day of shader croft we went swimming at maple street pool. It was fun because there was a diving board and pipes that were shooting out water. It was sunny and if you stay in the for a while it gets warm but if you go under the pipes that shoot out water you will get cold. Outside of the pool there was a park/playground. I like the pool better than the park.

In conclusion it was an awesome day.

Finding Rocks at Moretown by Isaiah

We found rocks at Moretown on July 3rd.  It was very fun because we went swimming and we got to find rocks in the river. If you go to Moretown you will have a blast. After we found rocks we went swimming again. We then found some more rocks and we went deeper in the water and we jumped off rocks. It was an awesome day.


Moretown Swimming by Ricky

Shader croft and I went to Moretown VT river on July 3rd. We got to swim for 1h and 30 mins. It took us about 45 minutes to get there. It was a lot of fun swimming because I never knew how to swim before. While we were swimming we found a lot of rocks.The water was really warm. Have you ever gone to Lake Eden or Lake Elmore? Lake Eden and Lake Elmore is exactly like the Moretown river. I bet you would really like Moretown. After we were all done going swimming we got ice cream.   

Bird Banding and Swimming by Presley

On July 2 2018 our group went bird banding at north branch nature center in Montpelier. Bird banding is where they catch a bird in a net and put a band around it’s leg to keep track of the bird or to see how many birds in the population are left of that kind. We learned bird names and we learned new facts about birds like if a baby bird falls out of its nest you can pick it up and the mother bird will not smell you, because birds can’t smell. After we went bird banding we ate lunch and we went swimming in Moretown after the rocks were hot and the water was nice. There was a big rock you could jump off of. We picked up rocks. There also was not a lot of people there. The place was fun to swim at. Also  bird banding was fun. The bird banding was fun because some people got to hold the birds and we learned new things about birds. Also what was fun at the swimming place it was fun to collect rocks and some people found crayfish


Red Rocks Hike by Chelsea

Presley, Carissa, Logan and I went to red rocks in South Burlington. We got to hike up and look at plant life on the way. The way it got its name is the color of the rocks there. It was really cool to look down at Lake Champlain. We could see Mt Philo, which is where the other half of our group was, and we saw multiple dogs.

Near the beginning of our hike we saw this big tree we think it was the first tree there and maybe that place was once an open field.

One of my favorite things was the wild strawberries we found. They were delicious. We also saw a lot of butter cups. I also really liked running along the rocks. We saw many, many squirrels and chipmunks and many, many trees.  At the end before we left we went down to the beach and stuck our feet in the water. Carissa went all the way in and we actually found some pieces of shells. Over all the trip was pretty great.