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Shader Croft by Adrian, Navaeh, and Orson

Shader croft is a little bit like school and camp where we learn about literacy and go on adventures. It is different from the regular school year because we do more literacy and we don’t do math. It is also different from regular school because there are less people in each class which makes it easier to learn. In the morning we do morning meeting and go to our classes. Our classes are adventure planning, reading, and writing. In the afternoon we go adventures. Some adventures we have gone on so far we are to a sheep farm, the materials recovery facility or MRF, the Burlington fire station, and we have gone swimming at maple street pool, sandhill pool, a swimming hole in the Huntington River, and sandbar state park. Our favorite trips have been swimming at a swimming hole, maple street pool, and going on the Melosira Boat. We are all looking forward to our adventures of vet-tech at Vermont Tech, learning about how video games are made, and other adventures.

Shader Croft by Ben, Kariza, and Logan

Shader Croft is a school and a camp where we do classes and adventures. It is different from regular school because we get to do more fun things. It’s not boring like normal school. We also get to choose the adventures instead of the teachers and all of the teachers are fun. The classes we do are reading, writing and adventure planning. In the morning we meet in a circle and talk about the adventure we did the day before. After morning meeting we have classes. After lunch we go on adventures. This is the best thing ever. So far we have been on the Melosira boat, maple street pool, Burlington Fire Department, and a sheep farm. Adventures are fun because you get to be with your friends, try new things, and learn about new topics. We get to the adventure in two rental cars. All of us really like to go swimming because we get to be with friends, go under water, and we get to cool off on hot days. We are looking forward to learning about how to make fudge, see horses, and swimming.





Shader Croft by Isaiah, Kendra, and Tyler

Shader Croft is a summer camp where we do literacy and learn vocabulary. Shader Croft is different from school because we do a little bit of literacy and then we go on adventures in the afternoon. Unlike school we go on adventures every day. We don’t have a recess, instead we go on adventures. Our classes are also smaller. In regular school our classes are 10-20 people, but in shader croft we only have 3 people in our class. This is better because there is not as much noise. In shader croft we have three classes, reading, writing, and adventure planning. In regular school we have reading, writing, humanities, foreign language, science, and math.


In the afternoon we go on adventures. So far we have gone to the MRF, Fire Station, Oakledge, Sandhill pool, Maple Street Pool, Huntington River, and a sheep farm. Isaiah’s favorite trip was swimming in the Huntington River because he likes trying to fight the current. Kendra’s favorite trip was swimming at Maple Street because the pool was shallow at one end and got deeper on the other. They also had two diving boards. She went off both and went down the water slide. Tyler liked swimming in the Huntington River because he liked the shade, the trail, and the river. 


Kendra is looking forward to learning how to make pizza. Isaiah is looking forward to long car rides because he likes annoying the driver and saying “are we there yet?”. Tyler is looking forward to meeting Bradley who owns a Tesla because he is excited to talk to him about Teslas and to ride in his Tesla.