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Ben Paskiet

S'mores over an open Fire

The day becomes more exciting as the sun goes down and the moon rises. The first activity I did not participate in because I was resting; I just wanted to sleep because I was tired from the car ride. When the first activity was over I heard banging on the wall. I soon discovered the boys were playing wall ball on my lean-to. At EMS there are limits, at camp there were no limits. Limits as in you can’t play if cars are behind you. The wall ball game was also fun because the game had more players. This time the wall was wood instead of concrete, though the game was fun I got hit in the throat two times.

When the wall ball game was done the counselors rounded up the students at about 8:00 pm. At the campfire the group roasted marshmallows. At the campfire roast I saw some of the weirdest techniques being used; Dominic drilled a hole with his stick through the cracker and chocolate. At the campfire we played a game called “Have You Ever”. The game is played when someone asks, “Have you ever tripped on a stone?” and if you have tripped on a stone you raise your hand. After a neat day of swimming and playing all the campers went to bed.
Overall, the camping trip was a fun experience. Nights in the wild can be fun instead of scary. For some people one day of camping can change a person’s life because you can get away from hardships. Camping isn’t a complicated art, so find a camping spot and just set some tents up, build a fire and you got camping. I hope you can have a good experience.