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Day-2: Shader Croft School At CCS 2014

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SCS is better with snacks!




As usual, we went on amazing adventures today.  One group went to Essex community pool for our safety swim test, while the other went to visit the good people at “Lunch-Bundles”.  Here is the link to their website  What an amazing organization; it was a privilege to be there for sure.  This trip was a tasty one too, we had a grand time making healthy and organic snacks.  Double bonus; they let us eat some.  It was fun and delicious!







We met some very nice people today, Allen Freund from Lunch-Bundles took the time to teach us all about what they do.  I was impressed by the level of camaraderie that was on display on the factory floor.  As a culminating activity, Mr. Freund had the students prepare an actual Lunch-Bundle pack.  We proceeded to sit in the shade afterward and eat them up.  They were delicious!

We enjoyed our visit with him and he gave the students nice gifts from Lunch-Bundles.  Thank you, Mr. Freund.


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We were already in Windsor, so we decided to pay Simon-Pearce a visit as well.  I will admit I had ulterior motives, my wife is pregnant and I wanted to get her a gift!  Whatever the case, it was a great place to stop for a visit.  It was very hot inside the factory.  Glass blowing requires some very extreme temperatures.  Consequently, we went for a swim at Charlotte beach when we got back up to Chittenden County.

What a great day all the way around!


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