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Day-3 & Day-4: Shader Croft School At CCS 2014


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We had a great time this week making our mark and creating lifelong memories.  The past two days have been filled primarily with recreation, however one group of students made an academic trip to the fish hatchery in North Hero.  Bradley shared his extensive knowledge on fish and nature in general.  Totally rad.  A separate group went strawberry picking, and everybody went swimming!


What are you looking forward to this summer at Shader Croft School?  Below are samples of the student responses.  Read and you will be impressed!




“What am I looking forward for this summer at Shader Croft School? I want to make longer stories details to the stories and edit my on.

When I plan a trip I’m interested in theater like the light board at HCS I was in Willy Wonka and this year we did The Little Mermaid and also making new friends. My stories are not detailed and do not make much  sense. I choose theater because I like the light board this is my seconded year doing tech. Going on other kids trips, team building, swimming, and a lot more things.  I’m looking forward for this summer at Shader Croft School.”

~  Ryan



“I am looking forward to having fun. I look forward to meeting new people.  I look forward to having fun on all the field trips. I am hoping to learn a lot of new things, and to be a better swimmer.  Second I hope to have a lot things in common with the other students. So, I hope that I will have the best time of my life here at Shader Croft.”

~  Alysha





“Field trips

Field trips are fun and you get to learn a lot about things you didn’t know.

Get to do things that you haven’t done before. Field trips are awesome. You get to give a certificate of appreciation to the people who helped get it ready.  Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

~  Ethan




“I am looking forward to my trip to learn how to silkscreen because on my mom’s side of the family my grandma and aunts do sewing and stuff like that, and I love making thing with art and I love shirts so this is a good mix for me.”

~  Marleen



“I am looking forward to swimming with all my friends this year. I can talk with them more often during the summer on all the field trips and talk about them and have fun with them. I would like to see if we have anything in common. Have fun and lean as well. That is why it is imported to me.”

~  Kyle





“I am looking forward to being a better student and accomplishing more detail to the pieces. Like making it more easy to imagine exactly what is happening…. And the fun stuff such as trips, swimming, and hanging out with friends.”

~  Bailey




“I would like to have lots of fun on all the trips. I would like to meet new friends. I would like to learn how to stand up for myself.  Places I’ve never been before that I will get to go to will make me feel happy.”

~  Tyler



“I am looking forward to making more friends and having fun with them and the teachers .And I am looking forward to making my trip to someplace where i will learn more about the  thing that choose. I am also looking forward to playing with the other students and with the teachers . I want to go fencing or sailing. If I go fencing I Want to learn how to block and parry  an attack.”

~  Tristen




“Are you looking forward to Shader Croft, well, there  are going to be two very fun things that I will be doing in Shader Croft! I am looking forward to doing field trips.because field trips are very fun   Because when you go on field trips,you can learn about what you desire, or what you like the most. I hope that I have fun at Shader Croft school.”

~  Stu




“I am looking forward to my field trip Cheer-leading. One funny thing that I want to make the boys wear pink skirts and pink cheer-leading shirt. I think that learning how to do back-flips and front-flips. This is why i am looking forward to my field trip.”

~  Isabell


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The objective of this program is to get our students to develop good communication skills.  We have some lofty goals with our limited time!  But, we have already accomplished so much; and the students are starting to seeing the rewards.  What I really like to see is their newly developed “Go ahead and give it a try!” attitude.

That is totally rad!


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