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Day-5: Shader Croft School At CCS 2014

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Amazing adventurer’s analyze the topics of their trips!




“I like Police work because I like to help people.  The reason I like to help people is I want to make my community a better place.  I like the idea of driving my police car because you can go at top speed in order to get to the scene faster.”

  ~  Ethan

“My trip is silk-screening, because it looks fun and cool, and I have many people in my family that do sewing and stuff like that.  I like these designs in particular:”

~  Marleen




“Even though bicycles are very expensive,  they are fun to ride because bike’s have multiple purposes and you get awesome exercise. Bikes are fun to ride down a hill or a mountain and hit jumps.  Totally rad!  Bikes are helpful, but the fun part is way more important to me.  If you are grandma you can put a basket on the front of your bike, awesome for her; but, not for me!” ~  Tyler


“Even though sometimes you don’t need lighting, lighting in theater is an important element     of a production because you need to be able to see people on stage when they perform and lighting sets the mood.  We are planning a trip to go to the Flynn Theater to learn more about lighting.  When I do lighting I feel calm, it’s like I go into my own world.  Lighting is heroic!”

~  Ryan


“Even though cheer-leading is not considered a sport,  it is excellent exercise because you have to be able to run, and do gymnastics when performing and cheer-leading requires focus and flexibility.Other than Flexibility you have to be really good at back-flips and front-flips and back hand springs. I really don’t see how cheer-leading isn’t considered a sport like basketball or soccer it takes so much energy. Cheer-leading is no joke!”

~  Isabell


“Fencing is fun, because you can fight someone without actually hurting them. You can learn how to fence at a college or at a fencing club. You can also take a private class with an instructor that has been to a few tournaments.  I’ve seen some fencing tournaments on tv and they are fun to watch and they are also cool to pay attention to and its fun to try to predict who will win.”

~  Tristen


“Even though tractors use a lot of fuel,  they are a critical element in farming because tractors help get the crops in quickly and tractors make farm work easier.  The tractors are an important part of the farmer lifestyle. They get a lot more done before the winter comes in. Most of the farmer realize that winter is right around the corner. Winter is something you do not mess with in Vermont!”

~  Kyle


“Even though fast cars are expensive,  fast cars are cool because they are fun to drive and they look awesome.  I am going on a trip to Broderick’s Garage garage in Vergennes.  They have a 1932 red Ferrari, that is over $2.5 million dollars!  That is mad expensive. But its a Ferrari so it is worth it.”

~  Bailey


“Even though hair styling can cost a lot of money ,  a good hairstyle can give you confidence because everyone can see your hair and it’s a great way to be creative.  A good hairstyle can easily cost $40, but I feel like it’s worth it.  Everyone can see your hair, so you better have the best.  Besides, it is so fun to try out a new style!”

~  Alysha

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