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Day 3-4: Camping at Lake Elmore

We had a blast camping at Lake Elmore! We enjoyed swimming, eating yummy food, more swimming, building a campfire, roasting marshmallows, telling scary stories, and… you guessed it, more swimming! On our way home we stopped at Emily’s Bridge, a place haunted – as legend has it – by the ghost of Emily, a young woman who was jilted at the altar. Although we didn’t encounter any ghosts, the trip was an adventure nonetheless. We also stopped to admire rock art by Thea Alvin, a mason and artist who has created stunning  stone walls at her home in Morrisville.

Here are several student writing samples describing the trip…

Nathan Songer

It felt like I did not learn anything on the Shader Croft camping trip mostly because I have gone on the camping trip for three years. However, when I really thought about it,  I was on this camping trip with people and I learned about them.  I think the main purpose of the camping trip was to get to know everyone.

We did a lot of the same things each year’s camping trip like swimming, s’mores, and games.  Therefore it seemed like I did not learn anything  because these experiences were repeated and I did not gain new skills in any of the areas.   For instance, I was already pretty good at swimming.  I did, however, learn about my classmates.  For example, I learned that Gavin likes to fish.  I also learned that Emily is a good swimmer. The reason we needed to make friends and learn about our classmates is so we can become better friends and have fun being together for the rest of Shader Croft.  It is important to know details about people because it shows you are interested in them.  When  you know something about someone they feel understood and cared about.

In conclusion, I learned that their are lots of people in this camp that have so many different personalities and hobbies. I was happy about that, because it is fun to be around.  Some people can be relaxed and laid back and some people can be happy, cheerful and excited. This was the important thing I learned on the camping trip, even more important than learning new camping skills.

 Janson Gouveia

Kids these days do not go outside they stay in and play video games, tv, and ipods.  It seems to never stop.  This is not healthy because they think about the games instead of school or work they should be doing.  Also kids need to spend more time outside getting exercise.  They should play one or two hours per day outside.  The Shader Croft camping trip was  good because it helped us to enjoy the outdoors more and made us go out more.

One thing we did outside on the camping trip was go swimming a lot.  Swimming is a great thing to do outside.  It is good exercise and when it is hot out it cools you down.  You can also explore for sunken ships, or treasure.  Second, on the camping trip we cooked outside and the kids enjoyed it.  We liked cooking outside because you can make the food how you like it and it’s not the same as a grill at home.   The kids got to cook instead of the adults.

In our modern year of 2014 more and more electronics keep coming out.  For instance, new phones, xboxs and ps3s.  Therefore kids are going to come to school wacky because they played games and watched TV all night.  On the other hand, when kids play outside instead they get a good night’s rest.  The camping trip helped us to be outside and be healthier kids.


Here are some pictures from the trip!:

campout fishing campout foodSwim  Mr. Hyde girls cabinChefs'mores!camput ghost storiesEmily's BridgeEmily's Bridge 2Rock sculpturegroup shot