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Day-9 & Day-10: Shader Croft School 2014

SCS scholars share some of their poetry!


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“The world is a wonderful place When you’re walking, life ain’t a race

You may see a tree in the road, It’s an obstacle, a wide load

Life is a quest, and you have to venture Around that tree, don’t lose your dentures

And you have to adapt to that obstacle And keep loving And keep going

Energy keeps you loving and going There is no accurate way to live

The way to live is be yourself and give If you see an obstacle, go over it

Around it Under it And even through it”

~  Ryan


“Soccer inspires me to let my energy fly

I travel by the other players and whine because the other players are tough guys

You have to have the dragon’s eye to spot the soccer ball in the sky”

~  Alysha

P1210081 P1210082

“Smelly water like dead fish

tasted horrendous, not a great dish

touched that fish, felt slimy

heard the water trickling, so whiny

I saw a well to make a wish

So that I would never become grimy

Like those fish!”

~  Ethan


“Swimming in Jello that’s red Never ever belly flop, you will not sink, like on a bed

Are you dead? From the belly flop  you have the jiggles And you’ve given your friend the giggles It must be the red Jello

That helps your fellow be mellow While you’re bellyflopping And all that Jello then gets a mopping”

~  Marleen


“Being a vet excites your mind

It is the pregnancies that vets find”

~  Kyle


“Mustaches decorate your face

Maybe I will buy some lace

Maybe I will go for a dance

I’ll bring my pink pants”

~  Isabell


“Designing games amps up the group

We try to shoot at the hoop”

~  Bailey


“Farming allows me to calm down
I found a calf on the ground”

~  Tyler


“Zipping through the woods on bikes I jump a rock and yelp, “Yikes!”

Thank goodness I missed the wipes When you wipe out you get a sting

I’m like Frodo who has to hide the ring I ride to secrets spots

Thinking I’ll see some yachts Yeah right! If I turn right

In the hoods Away from the woods I’m at my house jumping off the roof

Where I see footprints of a reindeer hoof!”

~  TristAn

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“I like to play a video game, it does not matter what the name

they are fun to play, but I want to make my own someday”

~  Stu


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