The Shader Croft School

Turning Student Selected Real World Adventures into Stronger Reading, Writing, and Communication Skills.

Students share their goals for this summer session:

My goals this summer at Shader Croft for reading are to read a book by the end of each day and to be more involved when reading. My writing goals are to improve my handwriting and write 30 pages a week. My communication goals are to try not to stutter and speak clearly. My personal goals are to be more involved and focused during class.

 — Bekka


My goal while at Shader Croft school this summer is be better at putting fact into my writing.

 — Ben U


My goals while at shader croft school this summer are learn how to communicate with strangers and meeting people.

— Jesslyn


My goals at Shader Croft School this summer  are are to have a fun and educational trip.

— Trenton