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Day-13: Shader Croft School 2014

SCS students share haiku’s they have written!

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“The Tree

The tree is honor

Shadows cast in a shadow

On the excitement.”

~  Alysha





“Dancers tickle me

I, the stage, feel funny – Ooh!

I’m strong like the earth”

~  Ryan


“Police Work

The police are safe.

The policeman needs a gun.

The police are nice.”

~  Ethan

DSCF4688 DSCF4662

“Love speeds up your heart

People are happy when they are loved

Love makes you happy – ahh!”

~  Marleen



You can ride a horse

You get to be around them

You get to have fun”

~  Kyle



cheerleading is nice

pom-poms wiggle the Harlem shake

I like the pink skirts”

~  Isabell


“Gloves protect both hands

Violence punches, hurts lots!

I- boxing ring – Ouch!”

~  Bailey


“Biking Mechanics

I love chains and wheels.

the chain jumps sprockets quickly

I will go biking now”

~  Tyler



Fencing uses swords

Swords screaming  at a duo

Swords — De emortal”

~  Tristen


“~They are dangerous

~They give you rides to events

~ The are very fast”

~  Stu

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