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Day 13: VCAM

“We went to VCAM, a place where when you get a membership they lend you equipment so you can make your own films.  You can be a member at any age, but first you have to go through a one hour training.  We met a man named Bill Simmons and made a film.  It was funny to think of Dave and Kara as married, and that Gavin was their son.  (They were some of the cast members of my film).”  -Kaytlyn

“It was really close to where we went paddle boarding, down Flynn Ave.  You can also make shows that get shown on channels 13 and 15 and people can watch you all over Vermont” -Dave

“The guy said there was a very important secret for making a film: you have to have good audio.  People will forgive you more if you have one bad image than if you have a period of bad audio.” -Kaytlyn

“While the actors were on stage I was behind the control boards monitoring the cameras, changing the light, etc.” -Kaytlyn

“I felt like I was technology heaven.” -Kaytlyn

“I have to compliment Kaytlyn on all the work she did up front.  You got together the props, script, and cast beforehand and directed and worked the equipment once we got there.”  -Dave

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