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Day-14 & Day-15: Shader Croft School 2014


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CCS Shader Croft writers explored their imaginations this week by writing stories using newly acquired vocabulary.



Spirit week was in full swing, as we all dressed up for “Wacky Wednesday”!


“The Princess & The Unicorn

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in the woods she was really resolute and nice. But she would  hoax people all the time tricking them any way she could. She also had a unicorn named mustache she was very ingenious which means clever and brilliant.Both the princess and the unicorn where industrious “hard working”. They would always work on the garden and in the house and on the house they thought that working was fun.They weren’t very  courteous. The unicorn was very considerable which means large. They were cutting down tree so the princess and the unicorn had sparse number of  trees. She Analyzed to the unicorn and said”U look so pretty today.” The princess was very happy that she said that “Thank-you”said the princess to the unicorn. The unicorn was grateful for this and was very happy too. One day this wicked witch came to their cottage and deprived their stuff in there house which was all there awesome stuff. When the unicorn and princess got home they saw the witch they started to taunt the witch. The witch wasn’t very happy and started to cast spells at the unicorn and princess.”

~  Isabell





“? Oh

This is a basic story about someone going on a quest. Her name is Anna Bella.

“Anna Bella, will you come down out of that tree?” her mum said. Anna Bella climbed that tree because she wanted to elude her parents, and because it annoyed her mum.

“No! I shall not come down!” Anna Bella said.

Her mum replied, “And why not?”

“Because I am trying to have some peace and quiet,” she replied.

“Well, then,” her mum said with huff, and walked away.

“That was easy,” Anna Bella said in a whisper.


Wow, what was that, Anna Bella said in her head. It sounded like it was coming from the woods. I need to investigate. So she climbed down the tree, and headed towards the woods. Noble, Noble, Noble, she said over and over to keep herself brave until she got to the edge of the woods. “Oh no, I forgot something to illuminate the dark forest,” she said with an irritated voice. So she walked to the barn to get a lantern.

“Anna Bella, is that you?” her pa said.

“Yeah, it’s me, Pa!” she said.

“What are you doing?” her pa said.

She said, “I am craving some of your butter.”

“I just finished making some,” he said. “Here, have this jar with this homemade bread”

“Oh, thank you, Pa,” she said. “Oh, do you have a lantern?”

“Yeah, why?” he asked.

“For my tree house, it needs some light.”


“Thanks, Pa. I love you,” and I started walking to get something to hold some food, water, and a jacket just in case it got cold. “Ok, I need to analyze my list of stuff that I will need,” she said. “But how do I get past my mum? This is going to be an obstacle. Ok, I will go in through my window,  and I will have to climb the vine by my window to get inside. She started up the vine. She was almost there, but then, as she reached for the window sill, the vine snapped. She was dangling from the sill of her window like a monkey. Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down, she told herself. She looked down. Her heart started pounding frantically.

“I was not as accurate as I thought. With the vine plus my body weight, I didn’t realize it would snap,” she said to herself. “I better benefit from this.”

“Anna Bella? Is that you?” her sister said from the room.

“Yes,” she said.

Her sister said, “What are you doing hanging on your window sill?”

“Um, I can’t remember. Can you help me in?”

“Yes, I can,” and she pulled her in with an annoyed look on her face.

“Thanks, Sis, for being so considerate,” she said out of breath. “We are so good at collaborating.”

“Yes, we are,” her sister said with a smile. “So, what were you doing?”

“I don’t know, what I was doing,” she said under her breath. I lied to my sister again. What am I doing? she thought to herself.

“Ok, I am going to my room now,” her sis said. “And while I’m at it, I can tell Mum you are in the house.”

“NO! Don’t.”

“Then tell me what you are doing.”

“Ok, ok, ok, I’ll tell you,” she said. “I heard a weird sound come from the woods, and I am going to go and check it out.”

Then her sis said, “You are joking.”

“No, I’m not.”

“I’m going to tell Mum.”

“No, I swear I am telling the truth.”

“Then I’m going with you.”

“Fine, just don’t tell Mum.”

“What do we need?”

“We need the following: food, flashlights, coats, backpacks, water, and a knife”

“I’ll get the food, the flashlights and the knives,” her sis said running out the door.

“And I will get the rest,” Anna Bella said. Ok, where did we have the backpack? she thought. Oh, I know now. It is in the hallway closet. How am I going to  get to them? she thought. I need to adapt to this new situation, she said.

TO BE Continued…”

~  Marleen




“It was a different day unlike last week. Today I was industrious getting the food truck to the considerable sized house. It was essential that I get the food to the water bottle. The food will benefit the people. I needed to saunter over to the water bottle as quick as I can. When I got there the people were talking about neon pink unicorns. The conversation converted to food, because they thought that the food wouldn’t be good any more. I don’t want to deprive them of their food. So I had to analyze why I was late. The noble people were very courteous to me, cause I came in late.


 The next day I walked in on their meeting. I was the basic topic that everyone was talking about. Everyone thought it was absurd of me to walk in on the meeting because I wasn’t supposed to be there.


  I kind-a had it coming too, because I had bungled the job by being late. I had to explain why I was late. I said “My very special dog died today”, and everyone felt very hearty inside, because know one knew who I was before, until now.  It illuminated my day.”

 ~  Alysha




“I adapted to the wilderness by wearing snow camo. It’s winter in Alaska and it always snows. Food was sparse so I had to go hunting for my dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Suddenly I 0-was astounded to see an elk standing 400 yards away. It was a big bull. I was adhere to my plan. I was sauntering through the woods and for the first time i saw a Kodiak bear and i was scared and my heart raced to the end.”

~  Tyler




My Hallways

As I got home from work I said “ This was an industrious day!’ I then sauntered through my dark and moist hallways. I saw my cat who was in a hearty mood, as she ripped a mouse apart. My cat was was a really considerable cat she only cared about her self. When I first got my cat she  astounded me by how fast she could run. I for should buy Domino’s tonight because I need something to illuminate my day. And if I call their and ask for delivery I will get a benefit out of it. I was frantic about going back to work tomorrow because today I almost hurt someone with a nail gun! I ended up calling Domino’s and the totally deprived me! They were closed!( just my luck. ) I intercepted the lady on the phone because I was so angry about them being closed by ten o’clock and I hung like a pro. It was absurd to be closed at ten because people who party buy Domino’s at around ten!!! I felt like indicating myself to everyone so I told everyone on facebook that Domino’s closed at ten! Who knows with my luck all my friends will be asleep. So I got on Facebook anyway and when I sent an text this thing popped up saying I now owe 83 dollars to this program and I made a bundle where I was tired so I signed in my old facebook and it cost money to deactivate it. The basic problem was real and I for sure mest up. So I had to get in new Nissan GTR and drive to radio shack and to see how to send the messenger program money and they were CLOSED! So by the time I got back to the house it was very late were talking at least 1:30am and I was more than tired so I hit the pillow and was out. When I woke up in the morning and it was 11:54. I got my clothes on and got in the car and hit radio shack and got the money thing covered and by the time that was done it was 1:10 and I was in the mood for a movie and Domino’s so I went to Domino’s got a small pizza and hit the drive in’s and when I got their they were playing the new Fast And Furious. But when all the parents were watching the movie the kids were touching my car because it was the same kind of car as one of the characters. And when the movie was over it was funny because the kids were throwing fits because they had to leave and they liked my GTR.”

~  Bailey


The Quest

My name is Noble, and I am on a quest to find the island of lost treasures!  The island is a dangerous place, and is hard to get there.  There are many obstacles in getting there.  The island is hidden in the Gulf of Mexico near Texas, but there is nothing accurate about that.  Many people have tried, but they have failed. The basic thing to do is to adapt to nature around you. In order to find this treasure we have to analyze the map. Something doesn’t seem right, the letters are all mix up let’s try to convert the letters. This is so hard to put together, I am starting to get frantic. Wait a minute I think I figured it out, I feel so absurd. Let’s be courteous and correct it. All right let’s follow this map now. On we go.

Two hours later:

Pardon me, I need a boat to the island of lost treasure. How can I get one? I know I will go to the boat shop and get one.

One hour later:

Alright I got a boat that we can ride in let’s go. This is a major benefit to have this boat, and this is a considerable boat. But for some reason I felt taunted.”

~  Ethan


“The Trip

‘’  Stuart, open your eyes.  we are going on a trip to China. My mom said.  Hurry up and get packed. We have to leave in a few minutes!’’ I felt like getting mad, but I decided to be courteous, and get up and get packed.  I rushed to go get my suitcase out from the basement, and packed up really fast.  My mom yelled, ‘’ hurry up’’! I wanted to yell, but decided to be noble to my mom, so I just said, ‘’ coming mom’’. When we were done, we got to our flight and had to wait for a while. We had to wait there. After it seemed like forever, we heard a scream from the office of the security, messages for the intercom. Then the lights shut off. Everyone was screaming. Then we heard from the intercom,’’ Oh yes, there will be blood.’’ Then the lights turned back on. everyone was on the ground, rolling around like there was a hurricane, or a tornado going on or something. We went to our flight, but then we saw all of the cops on the ground, killed. I looked on the door, a horrendous  scratch on a door that spelled out, ‘’you’re next’’ My mom and parents looked around, then right when we blinked and opened our eyes, we saw blades, that started to spin. I got so astounded that someone would want to do this to people. the blades came down and hit people. so we all ran. My mom, dad, brother, got dragged away. I knew I was toast. So I ran into the security room. The room was dark, so i started to seek through darkness, trying to find the light switch. Finally, I found the light switch, flicked it on. It took, a minute to warm up because it has not been running for awhile. Finally, the light turned on. It illuminated the whole room.  There was a huge bungle in the room, but The security room was pretty considerable.  I almost felt like barfing, but I held it in, and locked the door so the killer would not find me. I had to do something. My decision was to turn on the computer, to convert the password to unlock the doors so I could get out. I looked out the window, and saw him banging the door down, so I saw the vent, so I figured I could climb up there and start from there. I started to feel this heroic feeling.  It was essential for me to crawl through here so I could escape the building. I started to crawl through this horrendous vent. All of a sudden, I hear the guy say, ‘’ There you are’’. I screamed. He fought me in the vent, all of a sudden we fall out of the vent because we did not see the hole that goes into another room. I made a bolt of lightning  run out of the room, and raced down the hallway, I was kind of like singing, ‘’ dun,dun, dun da dun dun, dun dun, da dun dun’’. Then I came to a dead end, which was glass, and there was a cliff outside of the building. I tried all of the doors on the side of me, but they were looked. I looked behind myself and then saw the man come at me, ready to truck me out of the window. I screamed. next thing I knew, I was falling, out of the window. I faced down. My whole entire life flashed before my eyes. Right when I reached the bottom of the cliff, light started to appear, then just white, then darkness. Then I heard, ‘’ Stuart, open your eyes.”

~  Stu


“The Bus

The bus driver was so absurd to the students when he pulled over and started yelling at the kids for talking too loudly. He wanted to deprive them of the privilege of talking at all. And the kids were so courteous to the bus driver by asking him if he was okay. They weren’t used to seeing him upset because they were always perfect children. The bus driver said, “Yes, I’m okay. I’m just having a bad day. My son is in the hospital from a motorcycle accident.”

The kids indicated their understanding by being quiet. The kids benefited from what the bus driver said because they learned that life isn’t always easy and bad things can happen when you don’t expect it. They felt sad for the bus driver. They gave a hearty good-bye and hugged him. The bus driver was astounded at their respect and their thoughtfulness.”

~  Kyle




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