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Visit to Farmhouse Truffles

Kirsten led a trip to Farmhouse Truffles in Bristol, VT, where owners Erle and Eliza create artisan handcrafted truffles in their home. Afterwards she described the experience to the group…

“They showed us the chocolate room. He started by doing everything by hand. Then he tempered it. You had to roll the chocolate. When you’re all done and you get them on the pan and they dry. Then you drizzle chocolate on top of the truffles. We tried chocolate sorbet. It was really rich. It took a long time. I thought it would go by quickly, but it didn’t. There was a lot of back and forth because the other room is down the hall. When you put the chocolate in the fridge to let it harden, you can’t let it sit for too long. When you whip it you can’t do it for too long. You had to make sure you did it just right”.

The students learned that there are only three ingredients in the truffles: heavy cream, vanilla bean, and chocolate. They also learned that making truffles is a long, complicated process. Kirsten said, “That experience made me want to do it less. I liked my trip but I don’t think I’d want to do it more because it takes so long and it’s hard. But I thought about other cooking”.

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