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“No” is a word students hear often.  No running in the hall. No talking during class. No to anything that gets something dirty. No. No. No.  It’s no wonder that “yes” is a big reason (not the only!) that students anticipate Shader Croft each summer.  Safety is always a major part of SCS, and we have rules for that reason. Nevertheless, the boundaries are not as severe at SCS.  We are all having an adventure!  Students are encouraged to swim, try new things, run, get dirty and play ball. When a student expresses doubt in their abilities, we encourage them with, “Yes, you can.”  There is no pressure to be the best, or to even be good at it, just try it.  At Shader Croft School, many students (and teachers!) venture into unexplored terrain and realize that they can, do something they never dreamed they could.

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The pace is picking up as we finish Week-2 of the summer.  We’re well into academic trips, and the programs the teachers have developed to go along with them are solid. There were two trips today; one to the Audubon Center in Huntington and the other to a culinary institute where the kids baked some treats!

We love Shader Croft.  We love our friends.  We love the activities.  This is a great place to be!