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Did you know that firefighters use the term firehouse because it’s actually their home when they’re on duty? They work 24-hour shifts, so they live at the station while they work. That means they eat, sleep and hang out there together. They also do chores like cooking and cleaning. Also, did you know that they don’t actually slide down the pole when the alarm sounds? It sure does look cool, though!

Some of the students from WCS learned these facts, and many others, when they visited the South Burlington Firehouse today. We met Troy and Nick, who showed us around and answered our questions. We learned a lot about their schedules, what they do at work, and how much training it takes to become a firefighter. It was especially impressive to learn that SBFD firefighters have a goal of getting to any location within five minutes of hearing the alarm. They can put on their gear in 30 seconds!

We had a lot of fun touring the firehouse and seeing their kitchen (where we could smell the pulled pork they were cooking for dinner), the different rooms in the station and, of course, their trucks! The new fire truck costs close to one million dollars and it’s amazing! The firefighters showed us various tools and equipment on it. Students were especially interested in the jaws of life, and they got to hold them and feel how heavy they were.

What a fun and interesting adventure! Thanks to the South Burlington Fire Department for a fabulous tour!

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