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We finished our week with a trip to the Williston Golf Club, where we learned about golf course maintenance. It was really interesting to hear about what it takes to keep a course running! Afterwards we headed to the driving range to practice our golf swings. We really enjoyed the whole outing; it was fun and also very educational! Afterwards we spent some time reflecting on the experience, and here are some of our thoughts:

What did we learn?  There’s more to golf maintenance than we thought. We learned about all the equipment and machines they use.

What was most interesting and surprising?  They planted all the trees there (it used to be a farm); there are specific types of grass that they mow to different lengths; we saw what was inside a golf ball; they had a mower that could cut a golf ball in half; the irrigation system is operated by an iPad; a scuba diver picks up golf balls from the bottom of the pond; turtles come up to 300 feet away from the pond; you have to have a license to use fertilizer.

What was something funny that happened?  Ben broke a golf club at the driving range! It wasn’t his fault but it was funny!

What feelings did I experience?  Damon was thankful and appreciative that Larry took time out of his day for us.


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