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Adventure Abound!

Trips and adventure are both synonymous with Shader Croft, and today’s activities involved both.  Adventure is defined as an “exciting or unusual activity.”  Certainly, there is very little that is mundane about our adventures!




People who spend time in the outdoors tend to feel more energetic than those who spend large amounts of time indoors. They’re also less stressed and anxious. That’s because fresh air literally has a calming effect.  The sights, sounds, and smells that we experience on our afternoon adventures fill me with a tremendous amount of gratitude.  Our students are truly privileged to go to these special places.

sand bar gridIMG_20150722_150306877IMG_20150722_150244666


One group of students went to Greensea Systems in Richmond to learn about robotics, while the other group had an afternoon of swimming at Sand Bar state park.  A fun day all around!


IMG_20150722_140702216_HDR IMG_20150722_132117060_HDR IMG_20150722_132053133_HDR

When scarves attack!

For some reason the SCS students felt like Mr. McGann and I would look much better with scarves.  I won’t speak for Mr. McGann, nevertheless I don’t think I will make the scarf a regular part of my wardrobe.


scarf grid