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John gets to contribute to the understanding and development of the next generation.

My mystery is to figure out the scientific discovery of electricity. If you were to look around yourself and imagine the Earth without electricity, ask yourself what it would be like. Everyone has a different relationship with electricity, like my sister who wastes it. Before the trip I had a few questions for John Cohn. One question was what is a conductor? Another was, what is the best conductor? My last question was, is electricity dangerous? If John was able to answer all of those questions I would feel listened to and my mission would be a success.

The student’s attention was engaged in a topic they chose.

When my group got to IBM, John C. brought us to a storage room to get the electricity inventions we needed to start the Jolts and Bolts presentation. John works at IBM making superconductors wich allow electricity to move without any problems. He wore his son’s rainbow colored lab coat. While he was doing the Jolts and Bolts, he was making everyone laugh by pushing us, while we were in our rolly chairs, with a robotic car he made with his son. John also used a pickle to make a lightbulb which should be called a picklebulb. Using static elecrticity, he made my groups’ hair stand up one by one. Then with the same machine he made rice crispies and aluminum bowls fly.  John Cohn made huge lightning bolts that were purple and contained one million volts.

John taught us how electricity works by using minivolts to megavolts to power machines.  He presented the Jolts and Bolts program with a lot of humor. John answered all of our questions. My mission was a success because everyone liked John Cohn and learned about electricity.

Museum of Fine Arts

Keith F. Gallagher

I like art because it is fun to do. It is creative, quiet and I can do it by myself. I feel happy doing it. It gets my mind off of things. I like to draw aliens, cartoon figures as well as design names. The Pink Panthers, a group of students from Shader Croft School, went to the Fine Arts Museum in Montreal, Canada.
Some of the art work in the museum included a clay bowl which had everyday objects such as glasses, a shirt, a corn cob pipe and a walking stick painted on it. Another art piece I saw which was special to me was a two-foot high doll that was fat in the hips but skinny in the upper abdomen. It looked like a person walking. I also saw a sculpture made out of beads which had a big colorful bird sitting on top of an animal. The bird was big enough to carry the small animal but it was riding the small animal instead.  Then I saw a splattered painting which was big enough to use two boards each the size of ten feet by ten feet. The paint was everywhere on the boards with lot of colors. The painting was contemporary art!  The picture was anything you saw in it.
Art is a very creative way to express feelings and the museum displays art from all over the world. I would like to try to put art in a museum someday. Would you?

The Night Camping

Ben Paskiet

S'mores over an open Fire

The day becomes more exciting as the sun goes down and the moon rises. The first activity I did not participate in because I was resting; I just wanted to sleep because I was tired from the car ride. When the first activity was over I heard banging on the wall. I soon discovered the boys were playing wall ball on my lean-to. At EMS there are limits, at camp there were no limits. Limits as in you can’t play if cars are behind you. The wall ball game was also fun because the game had more players. This time the wall was wood instead of concrete, though the game was fun I got hit in the throat two times.

When the wall ball game was done the counselors rounded up the students at about 8:00 pm. At the campfire the group roasted marshmallows. At the campfire roast I saw some of the weirdest techniques being used; Dominic drilled a hole with his stick through the cracker and chocolate. At the campfire we played a game called “Have You Ever”. The game is played when someone asks, “Have you ever tripped on a stone?” and if you have tripped on a stone you raise your hand. After a neat day of swimming and playing all the campers went to bed.
Overall, the camping trip was a fun experience. Nights in the wild can be fun instead of scary. For some people one day of camping can change a person’s life because you can get away from hardships. Camping isn’t a complicated art, so find a camping spot and just set some tents up, build a fire and you got camping. I hope you can have a good experience.